Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Recent fighter quotes

frank mr:
"fedor is ducking top fighters in ufc. Fedor should retire, go home, and disappear."

jason macdonald:
"fedor, put up or shut up"

shane carwin:
"fedor is too focused on protecting his legacy instead of building upon it."

shane carwin:
"since pride has closed its operations fedor has not really fought any elite fighters and he is essentially being feed "names" that would not have a high percentage chance of beating him."

mirko crocop:
"i think fedor wants to keep his perfect record, maybe he thinks the ufc is too tough."

wanderlei silva:
"fedor emelianenko is crazy. I don’t know why the guy doesn’t want to fight

nate marquardt:
"fedor got lucky against arlovski. There are guys in the ufc that could give him trouble."

tito ortiz:
"fedor doesn’t want to fight the best in the world"

rickson gracie:
"fedor's technical ability is so-so"

brett rogers:
"fedor can get sloppy"

chuck liddell:
"fedor is fucking scared"

"i think he doesn't want to risk his number one fighter status, so he's staying away from the ufc

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