Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Anderson: Bring me Frank Mir next!

Good news fight fans. Anderson Silva had NOT injured his elbow and said he can fight anytime the UFC want him to! To quote him he said:  "I don't know anything at all about any elbow injury — I wonder who hurt me? Anderson Silva also said he is 200 percent healthy and that he is ready to fight whenever the UFC decides to make him fight.

Anderson Silva also said, and I quote: "I'm interested in fighting Frank Mir. He can be the next one." I would absolutely love to see this MMA fight! Frank Mir had previously stated that it would be a pleasure to fight Anderson Silva and that there wouldn't be an outrageous size difference. Frank Mir also stated that he would rip Anderson Silva's shoulder out of his socket.

I would love to see The Spider at Heavyweight. The matches there for him will be so interesting and most likely highly entertaining. Anderson Silva vs Cro Cop? Anderson Silva vs Brock Lesnar? Really can't wait, UFC make it happen!

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