Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nasty stuff allowed under UFC rules

These are the nasty stuff that are not classified as a foul in the UFC:

-Grabbing the ear.

-Hitting the kidney with anything else than the heel.

-Hitting the clavicle

-Attacking the armpit

-Using your thumb or fingers under an opponent ribs

-Punching or kicking joints

-Jumping knee first on your opponent (except head/neck/spine and groin)

-Holding the leg of an opponent and punching/elbowing it anywhere inclunding ankles and foot.

-Plugging the nose and blocking the mouth.

-Rubbing the opponent's face against the fence.

--Using your shorts to choke (feasible but hard though)

-Grabbing the head of an opponent on the floor and slamming it against the canvas (not spiking/not back of the head).

-Face sitting.

-Using your gut to block an opponent nose or mouth (good for big country!).

-Grabbing and pressuring the jaw

-Slamming an opponent on a joint (shoulder, knee...)

-Kneeing a floored opponent's ankles, foot or wrists.

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