Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Chuck Liddell Yearbook photo

Monday, 28 September 2009

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Dream Wallpaper

Cro Cop Wallpaper 2 (Click on images to expand)

Cro Cop Wallpaper

Anderson Silva Wallpaper 2

Anderson Silva Wallpaper

Quinton Rampage Jackson

Lyoto Machida Wallpaper

Chuck Liddell Wallpaper

GSP Wallpaper

Dana White Wallpaper

Thiago Alves wallpaper

Wanderlei wallpaper

Fedor Wallpaper

UFC ring girls gif

Machida Highlight gif

Shogun Highlight gif

Fedor and Mike Tyson Picture

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Recent fighter quotes

frank mr:
"fedor is ducking top fighters in ufc. Fedor should retire, go home, and disappear."

jason macdonald:
"fedor, put up or shut up"

shane carwin:
"fedor is too focused on protecting his legacy instead of building upon it."

shane carwin:
"since pride has closed its operations fedor has not really fought any elite fighters and he is essentially being feed "names" that would not have a high percentage chance of beating him."

mirko crocop:
"i think fedor wants to keep his perfect record, maybe he thinks the ufc is too tough."

wanderlei silva:
"fedor emelianenko is crazy. I don’t know why the guy doesn’t want to fight

nate marquardt:
"fedor got lucky against arlovski. There are guys in the ufc that could give him trouble."

tito ortiz:
"fedor doesn’t want to fight the best in the world"

rickson gracie:
"fedor's technical ability is so-so"

brett rogers:
"fedor can get sloppy"

chuck liddell:
"fedor is fucking scared"

"i think he doesn't want to risk his number one fighter status, so he's staying away from the ufc

Fighter's Quote about Fedor

"Fedor has no weakness! I have seen so many fights, and even the best fighters in the world have a flaw in their game but I have yet to find one in Fedor Emelianenko." - Bas Rutten

"Probably the best ever lived....he's a living legend right now and I don't think there's a man on this planet who can beat him; the man is unreal. Pound for pound the best in the world." - Diego Sanchez

"Fedor is the most incredible fighter you'll ever see." - Frank Trigg

"Fedor is a machine." - Don Frye

"The best fighter to climb into ANY arena is Emelianenko fedor. He is in his own league and you can't compare nobody." - Kevin Randleman

"He is the BEST." - Mark Coleman

"The best in the world, no doubt." - Phil Baroni

"Look, I've fought many people from around the world, so I've seen many strong fighters. But like him, never." - Renato Sobral

"Fedor is just too dominant, too good at punching people in the face. The way he punches people man he's trying to kill people, with both hands. He's in a whole different class by himself." - Brandon Vera

"He is the best and undefeated... His striking game and his ground game is the best, so that's why he is the best... He is the sh*t " - Mark Hunt

"Fedor is the best pfp fighter in the world." - Randy Couture

"I can't say I'm the best in the world, there are many good fighters I haven't fought yet." -Fedor Emelianenko

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cro Cop UFC 103 gif

Sad gif

Hermes Franca Ronald McDonald photoshop UFC 103

Hermes Franca UFC 103 Photoshops

Can't see shit bloodsport

Cro Cop chops UFC 103

Randy Couture Dancing in the club

Genki Sudo Dancing in the Cage gif

Dana White laughing along with Chuck Liddell's dancing performance!

Chuck Liddell dancing with the stars outfit.

Nasty stuff allowed under UFC rules

These are the nasty stuff that are not classified as a foul in the UFC:

-Grabbing the ear.

-Hitting the kidney with anything else than the heel.

-Hitting the clavicle

-Attacking the armpit

-Using your thumb or fingers under an opponent ribs

-Punching or kicking joints

-Jumping knee first on your opponent (except head/neck/spine and groin)

-Holding the leg of an opponent and punching/elbowing it anywhere inclunding ankles and foot.

-Plugging the nose and blocking the mouth.

-Rubbing the opponent's face against the fence.

--Using your shorts to choke (feasible but hard though)

-Grabbing the head of an opponent on the floor and slamming it against the canvas (not spiking/not back of the head).

-Face sitting.

-Using your gut to block an opponent nose or mouth (good for big country!).

-Grabbing and pressuring the jaw

-Slamming an opponent on a joint (shoulder, knee...)

-Kneeing a floored opponent's ankles, foot or wrists.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Tyson Griffin vs Hermes Franca KO gif UFC 103

Cro Cop UFC 103 chop

Drew vs Drawl UFC 103

Story vs Foster Sub of the Night

Miller vs Lopez elbow dislocation gif UFC 103

Effrain Escuedero vs Cole Miller SLAM UFC 103

Cole Miller Vs Effrain Escudero UFC 103

Mirko Cro Cop vs Junior Dos Santos knee gif UFC 103

Hermes Franca vs Tyson Griffin Wild punches UFC 103

More UFC 103 Gifs to come VERY SOON. Stay tuned!

Josh Koscheck vs Frank Trigg Knock Out gif UFC 103

Rich Franklin Vs Vitor Belfort knock out gif UFC 103

Paul Daley vs Martin Kampmann Fight Gif UFC 103