Friday, 9 October 2009

Funny Brock Lesnar MMA Quotes

Brock Pre-UFC 100 Quotes:

"I can care less... at UFC 100, I don't give a RATS ASS!!!! I just wanna get in there and bang"

"I don't know how many times I had to tap his leg, Mazagatti was a fucking dickhead."

"Mazagatti spent the night at Frank's house the night before, having supper and sittin in the hot tub."

"And the christmas present was handed out (watching himself tap to Mir)"

"He knows damn well that it was given to him, he didn't have to do anything."

"I hate that guy (Mazagatti)"

"I'd like to punch his fucking mustache right off his face. (Mazagatti)"

"Look at his face... looks like Hamburger Hill... it's exactly what I am going to do again"

"K how many times did I have to tap his leg with Mazagatti.... man I hate that fucking guy."

"Justice will be fucking served."

"He's a good technical pretty boy, yea Ill give him that."

"He looks pretty as a calculated commenator... atleast hes got something set up for him after when I beat him."

"I'm a champion wrestler. He's a glorified karate kid that won a few fights and here he is..... with a golden horseshoe rammed far up his ass."

"I'm gonna pull that horseshoe out man, and beat him over the damn head with it."


Brock Post-UFC 100 Quotes:

"Talk all the shit you want now." - to frank

"Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass... I told him that a year ago. Tonight I pulled that sumbitch out, and beat him over the HEAD WITH IT! BAHAHAHAHHA WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH"

"I'm gonna drink a coors light because Bud Lite wont pay me nothing."

"Hell, I might even get on top of my wife."


Brock Pre-UFC 106 Quotes:

"I'm gonna be the champion till the day I decide not to be. And that isn't any time soon."

"This is my time. This is Brock Lesnar's time. People can like it or not."

"Carwin is a Div II wrestler... enough said."

"(On Kimbo vs Roy)It looked like a couple of high school kids, a bar room brawl, The fat biker dude took his vest off and put ranch dressing on."

"There’s no comparison between Division I and Division II. The reason they have Division II is for the guys who can’t make it at Division I. That’s fine. They need to have something to feel good about themselves. Those guys have to have something to do with their lives."


Other quotes:

"I fell off the horse against Frank Murr, but tonight I got on that stallion and rode it out of town baby WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH"

"(On response to having a baby)Now the world's most dangerous man is changing the worlds most nastiest diapers!"

"I intend to beat Frank Mir. (Changes tone to a salesman voice) Only on Pay Per View on July 11TH! UFC 100! (No one else laughs but him)."

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